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5S (Part 2)

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Published by Z. Kovács in Lean · 24 June 2021
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In my current article, I continue my subject was started dealing with the 5S. This theme is a continuation of the previous section, in which the subject will try to show other aspects. From here you can see a close connection with the Lean Manufacturing topics.

One of the following training I will deal with connections to the visualization as well.

Let's start with a bit of reservation:

What is the 5S ?

“5S” basic rule:
„Let have all of this place and everything has to be in place”

1. What are the points of 5S

Sorting - select the required
Systematic arrangement - correct layout
Shining, clean environment - cleaning
Standardizing - on an ongoing basis with the previous ones
Schooling - a good moral

2. 1S-Seiri = Sorting

Determine and throw away all unnecessary objects
These labeled red note on them for removal:

- repossession of
- disposal
- dumping

(The red labels change to draw attention.)

The organization of the frequency of proper use:

3. 2S-Seiton = Systematic arrangement

Things are better places available for their use.
The amount and location of each device (Working Tools, materials and semi-finished products) must be determined.
Defective part signed box with a red line or stored in distinct fields.  

4. 3S-Seiso = Shining, clean environment

Removing the contamination source.
Cleaning = control.
Every day, every worker pay close attention to housekeeping (5-10 minutes a day is enough for inspection, cleaning).  

Cleaning = control -> prevention equipment failures

5. 4S-Seiketsu = Standardizing

It is located at the information and instructions to keep the work area clean and tidy.
Clear indications.
Fast and clear communication.
Other areas can learn from the ideas received by your colleagues and you can use them.  

6. 5S-Shitsuke = Schooling

Earlier 4S maintained.
Continuing education and the appearance of ex-communication (5S audit).
Positive feedback.  

7. The 5S effectively linked to other activities

Which are related to the 5S-related activities?
Accident prevention

  • Good order and cleanliness to avoid the formation of an accident

Preventive maintenance

  • The machines and regular cleansing leads to the prevention of errors

8. The standard introduction of the 5S

The working area of unnecessary equipment and removal tools.
The arrangement of things necessary to clean up the working environment including.

After that, the training of workers is inevitable that it will not only remain a one-off activity but the process is self-motivated and carried out independently follow the principles of the system.

In the next part of my series, I will present a workshop to introduce 5S to a company. I thought of a workshop for office worker, so it was designed for its work area.

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