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7 (9) main source of losses / continued

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Published by Z. Kovács in Lean · 17 August 2021
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I got to know in my last training material foundations of Lean Manufacturing mentioned 7 wastes. I have already indicated at the end, I would add two more of these.

Then I wrote, perhaps in the future bypass these educational materials. Well, I finally came to the decision that if I have already stated why I let you sink into oblivion on the topic? The more I come back to this later, the more readers will not remember the antecedent.

Let's see what this would be the two !!!
7 (9) type of losses / continued
1. Introduction

I have already been presented the generally accepted 7 loss factor of Lean Manufacturing. Repeat sure to see what they were:

1. Waiting
2. Overproduction
3. Transport
4. Motion
5. Rework  / Defect
6. Inventory
7. Over-Processing

These were irradiated in my previous training materials with examples, as well as writing about what, why dangerous, how it affects the production efficiency, economy.

In the following points, I summarize why is necessary to eliminate losses.

1.1. Termination of the 7 losses

The seven losses of the Lean theory, with use of various lean tools, can be reduced, but can't be fully identified, removed. Use the Lean Manufacturing tools to determine which of the processes are in terms of the customer value-adding. To do so, the value of an organization's current process, which identifies the various costs and send it to the customer. This approach will help to add value to the processes more efficient and causes the loss of literally "lifting".

With the lean perspective, the seven losses are removable, can be reduced. Finally, a value-added process is obtained, which is more effective and better. It does not contain any procedures that the customer does not want. For remove of the 7 losses we have to focus to the lean principles and the focus should be on what the value is, what the customer wants.

2. More losses

2.1. Loss of talent

Not (well) use of options point of your own and the customer view.


1. Talent
2. Ideas
3. Education

Loss of talent: in the organization, is not a good use of the people's skills. This is a question that in many Western companies can't be managed. We still tend to operate command and control environment, there is little real attention to what employees really think, what could help. Employees are the greatest asset, helping reduce the losses.

2.2. Resources

Failure to effectively use all available resources.


1. Tools
2. Human resources
3. Documents
4. Energy

This will not only result in the financial loss but the energy wasteful, inefficient use a heavy burden on the environment and society as a whole. Waste materials sent to landfill too often, instead of being consumed in elsewhere.

3. Final thoughts

I do not know why, but for me, there is still a feeling of something missing. I know this goes against the principle of Lean Manufacturing has been recognized seven Muda, the "sacred cow" pushing the envelope for me but the safety factor is a plus.


1. Dangers
2. Accident

As a reminder, in my last training described seven loss factors, in addition to the above two.

I look forward to Your feedback, whether it is a discussion of how we see.

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