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How to make use of employees' ideas

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Published by Z. Kovács in Quality · 20 July 2021
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In my articles, I am presenting some of my best practices in my series of experiences.

Based on my experience, one of the biggest mistakes, when a company's management goes "beyond its head", ignores the employees' experience, knowledge, and ideas.

In this article, I write about utilization of employee ideas. The processing of such ideas to compare the wellknown PDCA cycle.

Proposals from staff

Or: continuous improvement, supported by employees

1. The suggestions as quality assurance tools

Managing the proposals is done based the PDCA cycle. See below for a brief description of the cycle.

The PDCA cycle is an iterative four-step management method, which is used in products and processes, controls, and continuous improvements.

This cycle is a continuous, closed circle. After each repair action has been searching for the next idea. The activity can be imagined as a spiral.


If possible, you might want to start with small steps in order to test the potential development impacts.
The similarity to the continues development sees below.

2. Continuous process improvement

Each corner points are:

  • Modify the procedures for better results (Plan)
  • Implementing the method (Do)
  • Check results (Check)
  • Recording procedure (Action)

Let's see in details

Plan: Planning the expected performance as well as the objectives and processes necessary to achieve this definition. The existing process to determine the key problems and repair options.

Do: an implementation of the action plan, the launch of the processes, the preparation of the product.

Check: Review of the study and comparison of the expected results of the current results. During this step, the differences between the design and implementation of search and examine the plan in terms of how well the overall feasibility and perspective.

Act: If the existence of significant differences in the results between the current and the proposed corrective measures should be introduced step in the procedure.

3. The system of proposals


Planned actions

  1. Advertisement
  2. Support

The collection of ideas

  1. Direct from the operators
  2. The results of the line problem solving / Kaizen/teams
  3. Whatever way through the Ideebox


  1. We are open to all useful ideas
  2. In each case, the idea will be discussed with the idea-owner
  3. We give feedback


  1. The owner of the best idea of the month
  2. The number of ideas by month
  3. Owners of useful ideas with extra savings we REWARD

Sources of proposals


The management work continuously to ensure business development. The best, most useful ideas come directly from the employees working in production.

5. Processing of proposals

Here is a simplified flow diagram of the processing of proposals.

6. Collection, evaluation of proposals


The ideas are collected and evaluated. For registration and evaluation is the PDCA (technology, production, QS) responsible.
All kinds of ideas are welcome. Care is taken to deal with all of them and the idea-makers informed about the state of the evaluation.

The evaluation of proposals is as follows:

  1. Number of proposals under foreman
  2. The number of suggestions by priority
  3. Implemented and rejected ideas
  4. The number of rewarded and refused ideas

I plan to deal with Lean manufacturing in my next post.

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