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What is QRQC (Part 2)

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Published by Z. Kovács in Quality · 17 December 2021

Most recently, I promised to present the QRQC process through an example today.

We begin the example by presenting a matrix of responsibilities.

Internal QRQC processes

By internal QRQC processes we mean the tasks that internal audits reveal and serve to improve the regulated processes. We use the following responsibility matrix for these tasks.

Complaint QRQC processes

In the case of complaints, the responsibilities change somewhat. These can be used in the following responsibilities matrix.

QRQC process

Like any process, this can be described by a flowchart. I will show an example of this below.

Let’s move on to the details of the related tasks.

QRQC Tasks

In this chapter, I provide an overview of who, and what roles at each level, during the QRQC process.

Level 1 - Production line QRQC

Level 2 - Operations QRQC

Level 3 - Plant QRQC (Factory QRQC)

I have already written about the QRQC process and the related techniques, and I will write about it later.

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