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As I already mentioned, at the beginning of my professional career I was interested in hardware development. On the next sites I will give some sampels from this time.

Unfortunately at that time my digital backup was quite limited, so  most sampels can be shown with scanning of the paper documents. Now I'm working on, to redraw with CAD program. If it will be ready, I put it in PDF format on my homepage.

Of course these sampels are partly developments I made for an order, so based on the ownership they cannot be fully published.

By the way, if somebody finds interest in it, I see a real chance for a common work.

If somebody will be interested in my developements, I can ensure, He will be granted a personalised and fully legal protected solution.

Rebuild the next publiced samples, I can suggest only for Hardware geeks !!!
CMOS preamp
Low noise preamp
LED Earring
Light orgel 1
Light orgel 2
Light orgel 3
Mixer 1
Mixer 2
Mixer 3
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